This is Not a demo video for

the models WF II-C/H/2W/2WS

Unfortunately, the new WF II demo video has been delayed.

The function, however, is that all stop light on the
vehicle flashes sharply in panic braking,
unlike the WF I, in which only a full third brake light
with built-in electronics to warn when panic braking.
In addition, collision-warning indicator is activated automatically.
Detailed documentation can be found under the manuals tab!

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The WF I Demo video


The  WF I is mounted at the top of the rear window on the demo car.

The film shows how the model WF I works in various
traffic situations and how it
lights up and flashes in for example emergency braking.
  • Braking nr.1 shows the WF I in a normally stop
  • Braking nr.2 shows a hard braking where WF I flashes at 4HZ
  • Braking nr.3 shows a panic braking where WF I flashes at 8Hz

(Unfortunately, not shown, the automatic warning light that is activated in case of an accident) (The video shows the old
name whipflash. The new type designation is WF I)


WF I is a complete product that does not require any advanced installation,
but is connected only to a fixed 12-volt voltage.
Click on the link below to see the technical data



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